5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel

If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, although waiting on the end results can be truly exciting, the reality is that it can also be pretty challenging truly to keep your place clean. However, challenging doesn’t have to mean impossible. It’s all about knowing some of the steps that you should take to protect your furniture and prevent dirt, dust and debris from piling up.

If you’d like to know five effective ways to keep your home as clean as possible during a remodel, you’ve come to the right place. Included are five tips that will make living in the midst of a renovation a lot easier to bear.

Remove as much as possible. Something that you should do to protect your belongings and also reduce the chance of you or a contractor experiencing an accident is to remove as much as possible from the rooms that are being worked on. This would include furniture, clothing and anything else that prevents individuals having a clear space to work in.

Cover what you can’t. If you happen to have some very large and/or heavy pieces that don’t really make sense to move, it’s important that you cover them with plastic or some kind of tarp. That way, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged, getting scratched or simply having a lot of dust and dirt accumulating on them.

Vacuum first, dust second. During a remodel, it’s not uncommon for there to be a lot of dust around. However, something that you can do in order to prevent there from being layers and layers of it is to vacuum on a daily basis. The key is to first make sure that you vacuum your flooring. Then, put on a soft-bristle attachment so that you can also get the dust off of your furniture. Finally, do some dusting. By making sure to vacuum first, you will find that you won’t have nearly as much work to do once it’s time to apply a bit of polish to dust off your wooden furniture and surfaces.

Increase ventilation. While your home is being remodeled, you might find yourself asking your contractor questions like what flooring would be best, how much insulation should I use and the type of energy efficient upgrades that they would recommend? Well, in the process of all of that conversing, to keep either one of you from doing a lot of sneezing or coughing, make sure that you open up some windows and turn on your ceiling fans. This will not only improve your indoor air quality, but it will help to reduce the amount of dust and debris that accumulates too.

Clean up daily. You’re definitely going to find yourself feeling overwhelmed if you wait until after the remodel is done to start picking up things. That’s why it’s wise that you clean up every single day. This would include throwing out trash, removing clutter, cleaning your windows and mopping tile and hardwood surfaces. If you would prefer to use homemade cleaning solutions over commercial brands, Apartment Therapy is one website that has a lot of amazing recipes. Just go to the site and put “DIY green cleaning recipes” in the search field.

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