Blue living room: when summer never fades

Blue living room: when summer never fades

Propose blue for the living room, both to paint the walls and for the furnishings. The ability of this color to make our guest business card pleasant.

If you are looking for a trendy color and you do not want to be excessively charged with tension. Always leaving an environment in shades of serenity. Here among the not indecent but absolutely presentable proposals. The blue color can boast a place of respect. Standing out for its certain originality and emerging with respect to more absolute colors such as white or blue, its narrower wall.

Cheerful and cheeky color, the blue closely resembles the nuances of clear days with the sun not beating down. But let’s glimpse the most beautiful landscapes. Allowing, for example, those in the mountains to admire the peaks that seem unreachable while when they are at the seaside. The combination with the waves creates a delightful game of mirrors.

Let’s try to test its strength and pleasant intensity even within the home walls. Suggesting some interesting experiments both for the walls of the living room and for some of its furnishing elements. In addition to the fact that the presence of glass and mirrors makes it even more suggestive.

Light blue living room: ideasBlue living room: when summer never fades

To start with one step at a time, the use of the sofa in the living room has been known since the dawn of time and knowing it declined in almost dust color is a very modern trend, to which we are not yet used to it. But if we often prefer to use white leather when we want to stand out, we know that the signs of wear appear immediately evident

Here we may like a thin fabric of this sweet and light tint.

Let’s take it a step further and if it’s not total white because it can’t be all blue. So light and that conveys serenity as well as making us take a dip in the past.

Let’s move on to the game of joints, when the shades of blue and light blue mix together slightly, without making us perceive the difference. An inexpensive way can be to opt for a rug with minimalist geometric lines.

A large room allows you to better try the suggestions, also considering the fact that the seat covers can be easily covered.

The appeal of the walls and the carpet, also playing with gray and white, makes the space almost uniform, without too much anxiety.

Just touch the matter with a pillow to understand if we are ready for the big step?

When the open space is the question to be addressed, why not choose the entirely white ceiling? It is the light of the spotlights that makes the matter easier.

Relax corner and the blue becomes so light that if we need concentration it seems to be the right element to give it to us.

The wicker is still not recovered material perhaps because so many erroneously consider it very resistant. Big mistake, given that the wood is known to offer the signs of aging but hard to break definitively.

Offered for the wall, it seems to convey a feeling of amplitude like few others. The play of the mirror created by the shelf seems suitable for the purpose. Being able to take advantage of the comfortable poufs as additional seats.

Green also becomes an essential element, given that thinking about beaches and tropical forests are practically immediate. In a living room that seems to bring to mind the atmosphere of the old castles of Transylvania, with this large chandelier. This soft color is the soft color that shows no signs of fading.

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