Red living room ideas

Red living room ideas

Marry the color red to create a living room with a thousand faces. How to propose this bright color for contexts with styles that are also very different from each other. Ideas and examples of furniture and painting of the walls.

Living color red

Using the red color to make the living room at home bright and imaginative when the desire to create a flaming, bright and really intense living is the first objective.

The red, strong color, with an excellent personality and which dominates the scene extensively, can outline the environment in a modern key, respecting the furniture choices made.

At the same time, also the proposal of red appears suitable for a room inspired by the classic canons, in which crystal chandeliers, sinuous furnishings, and finished legs stand out in addition to the presence of some particular element such as a grand piano.

Without a doubt, red stands out and dominates everywhere, finding the possibility to enhance every single aspect. So little is needed to furnish, since the personality, sometimes even excessive, could diminish even the most precious furniture in the house.

Ethnic-style environment? Lighting would almost not even be necessary.

Living color red minimalRed living room ideas

With the minimal style you have to go slowly: better to sketch with a small presence, in order not to lose the essential factor.

Living a color red bohemian

Remaining on the subject of eccentric styles, even with bohemian the red color finds one of its ideal weddings.

living color coral ScandinavianRed living room ideas

Seemingly discordant, yet this strong color can very well be accepted even in an environment with Scandinavian tones.

Beautifying wall tv industrial

Wall with exposed bricks: this is how red is welcomed in an industrial room. The pairing with shades of brown will make the room very welcoming.

Japanese-style living-corner-sofa

If you really can’t do without the East, here’s how to coat a fiery red wall.

Red modern sofa

Often it is difficult to give meaning and to translate the modern style concretely. Focusing on a furniture design is an important first step. The defined lines of armchairs and sofas stand out or leaving the task of amazement to a painting.

Playing at home with the classic style: without having to amaze, it is better to let the context, once finished, make you understand which furniture to insert.

Ideal and provocative combination: exploiting the whiteness of white to bring out the liveliness of the color. If, on the other hand, nothing is feared, here with black you have a very suggestive and unique stay. Discreet presence, gray allows you to have a bright color together. If you want to play it all, why not approach some shades of blue?

To connote an environment with rustic and country tones, the use of vintage-flavored textiles seems ideal.

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