10 tips for growing mint

10 tips for growing mint

Mint can be a great addition to all kinds of dishes. Whether desserts, treats or as a decorative accompaniment, she will always bring you that little bit more flavor. There are many tips for growing mint.

Do you want to grow your own mint? So here are some tips for growing mint.

1. Grow in pot your mint

Experts strongly suggest growing your mint in a jar. However, you can grow it in the garden as well.

2. Choose the right time of the year

To grow mint, the best time to do it is during the months of April and May. Of course, mint can very well be grown throughout the summer as well.

3. Always keep a good space between your plants

When planting your mint, make sure that there is always a space of about thirty centimeters between each. Your mint plants will have a much better chance to grow well.

4. Add soil and watertips for growing mint

Cover your mint with water and water without excess during the pot culture. It is the best tips for growing mint.

5. Occasionally water the mint plants

The water you’re mint only when it is hot. Your soil should stay a little cool.

6. Cut the stems

Later, around November, you will be able to cut the stems so that they are 2 to 3 inches from the ground.

7. Cover the soil with composttips for growing mint

Compost will be great for bringing more nutrients to your plants.

8. Cut to flowering

Once your mint flowers, you can cut them by leaving a few centimeters of the stem. Thus, you will favor the next shoot.

9. Avoid fertilizing

It would be better not to fertilize his mint plants, it’s useless.

10. Plowing well

While planting your mint, do not forget to plow the soil well.

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