Pathos Varieties:10 different types of patos for your home or garden

Pathos Varieties:10 different types of patos for your home or garden

Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) is known by many names, in many parts of the Indian subcontinent, they are known as the money plant and even as the devil’s vine or the devil’s cry, because it stays green even in the dark and looks like may he never die. The leaves of the plant are heart-shaped, long, and broad.

1. Golden Pothos

This type of plant is readily available and can be found at local garden centers or nurseries. It is also known as devil’s ivy because it is hardy in nature. The Epipremnum aureum is one of the easiest to grow among others. The leaves of the plant are evergreen, waxy, thick, and heart-shaped with golden undertones. Epipremnum aureum can climb up aerial roots and lean on tall trees or plants grown in your garden.

2. Jessenia Pothos

Jessenia’s appearance is somewhat like the Marble Queen, only she has a lighter and more distinctive lime green variety. The leaves are greenish-yellow, pointed, and heart-shaped. The plant slowly glows due to a lack of chlorophyll. Therefore, it does not require transplantation soon.

3. Neon Pothos

This type of variety is unique not only among Epipremnum aureum but also among any other indoor plant. Its leaves are glossy, heart-shaped and lime green in color. The budding leaves of the plant have brighter shades, while the older leaves have a deep hint of neon, hence the name Neon Pothos. The striking neon color will bloom in bright light. The younger leaves are of the plant shine brighter than the older ones.

4. Marble Queen Pothos

The leaves of this variety are heart-shaped with a creamy white color, which adds beauty to the environment. The white and dark green texture forms a beautiful variety. The growth process of the plant is slow due to the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves.

5. Silver Pothos

Although the plant belongs to a different genus, it is still part of the pothos family.

It is also known as Satin Pothos. The leaves of the plant are elegant, dark green with silvery edges and spots. The plant looks beautiful in hanging baskets or spilling out of pots. The foliage of this variety is smaller than the other types.

6. Pearls and jade pothos

This variety is produced by the University of Florida. The leaves are smaller and the white and silver-gray variegation is more on the edges than in the middle. Dark green leaves with white and silver-gray hues can identify this type of pothos variety. The plant tends to grow more slowly.

7. Manjula Pothos

It is also a proprietary variety originally produced by the University of Florida. The texture of the leaves is somewhat similar to that of pearls and jade, the only difference is that the leaves have curved edges and are not flat. Also, the foliage is variegated with shades of silver, white, cream, and greens.

8. Cebu Blue Pothos

The foliage of the plant has a bluish metallic sheen that makes it unique from the other varieties, and the leaves are arrow-shaped. The leaves are solid, large, and greenish-blue in color. It is one of the beautiful varieties of potos.

9. N-joy Pothos

This type of variety is new with green leaves and is heavily speckled with white. The plant requires light and the foliage will spread and grow in bright light. The height of this plant can go up to 10 feet. N-joy is a creeper plant.

10. Hawaiian

This type of variety is among the best due to its disease-resistant nature. The leaves are large, golden, and green in color, which is also beneficial for purifying the surrounding air. It is a very popular and easy-to-care plant. You can also display it as a hanging plant.

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