Discover the best ideal floors to renovate the terrace

Discover the best ideal floors to renovate the terrace

Renewing the outdoor floor is a great idea to change the decoration of the terrace and make it more accessible and easy to enjoy. There are different materials that we can use, depending on our tastes or needs. Knowing them will give you the key to choosing wisely.

Unalterable ceramic

Due to its many qualities, ceramic is one of the star materials when it comes to choosing floors for outdoor areas. In general, it is very resistant and durable, and withstands the most adverse weather conditions without flinching, although some types are more resistant than others.

There is a wide variety of ceramic designs to choose from, from the most traditional such as fired clay to the most avant-garde ones that are inspired by other materials (wood, concrete, stone, etc.).

Terracotta, with its uneven texture and appearance, goes very well on country-style terraces. Of course, unlike other types of ceramic, it is a porous material that requires a protective treatment against moisture and stains.

Porcelain stoneware is the perfect ceramic material to withstand the elements. As it is very little porous, almost waterproof, it does not absorb water and does not deteriorate with frost and sudden changes in temperature. It is also unaffected by the sun’s rays and is non-slip (there are different degrees depending on the outdoor area where you want to install your ceramic floor).

It is possible to find ceramic floors in numerous formats, which increases the decorative possibilities: large or small tiles, slats, or XXL pieces. The latter result in continuous floors, with fewer joints, which provide a greater sense of spaciousness.

Wood, naturalness, and beautyWood

If you love the warmth of wood in your interior spaces, you don’t have to give it up on the terrace. It is good flooring for certain outdoor areas, although it requires more demanding maintenance than ceramic. Wood is especially interesting when it comes to updating a small terrace. You will enjoy its beauty, in exchange for dedicating some care that consists, above all, of applying a product twice a year that protects it from the sun, humidity, and fungi.

One tip: choose tropical woods, like teak or iroco. They are harder and more resistant, withstand better the weather and the attack of insects. Over time they acquire a greyish tinge, but they regain their natural color when a specific protective oil is applied to them.

Tiles or slats? The wooden pavements for exteriors are available in different formats. The tiles square are perfect for terraces and small balconies, placed in a checkerboard pattern. The slats are best in wide spaces since they transmit a continuous effect and add depth. Both formats are installed very easily thanks to the click assembly (some pieces fit together).

Composite, a durable solution

Do you like the decorative appearance of wood but are not convinced of outdoor areas? If you are looking for a floor that provides warmth and naturalness but is also very resistant, you have several alternatives at your fingertips. One of them is composite, a material made from recycled wood, resins, and polymers, which tries to imitate the appearance and texture of wood. You will be able to enjoy a warm and beautiful floor that. In addition, will stoically withstand the effects of the weather. The composite does not spoil or crack, it does not fade in the sun. In addition, it is easy to install and does not require maintenance. You find it available in a wide variety of formats and shades.

Microcement, with an industrial soul

Authentic, sober, essential … Microcement is a material that offers the possibility of having a very modern continuous floor outdoors. It will give your terrace an industrial and contemporary look, perfect for avant-garde spaces. Thanks to the continuity, which is one of its great advantages. It hardly has any joints, which reinforces the feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, it easily withstands the effects of the sun and humidity. An essential requirement when it comes to outdoor flooring.

Artificial grass, all comfort

Do you want to walk barefoot on your terrace with the feeling of doing it on a soft and fluffy carpet? Then the best thing is that you install artificial grass. You do not need to have a lot of space, it is not about having a meadow. The idea is to take advantage of this material to renew the terrace floor. Artificial grass is resistant, decorative, and does not need great care. In addition, it is very easy to install, so you can install it yourself. You find it in roll or in tiles, perfect for small terraces. When installing it, the key is to ensure that the joints are not noticeable. The tiles are very comfortable for small terraces since they are hooked to each other with a joining system that prevents them from moving afterward.

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