What is a garden tub?

What is a garden tub?

A garden bathtub is a bathtub that is oversized and deeper than standard models. And can also refer to a bathtub located in an outdoor garden space. Or inside a bathroom next to a window and surrounded by various plants, flowers, and foliage. Most garden bathtubs do not contain showers or hydromassage jets. Its aim is to create relaxation in an aesthetically pleasing environment, which is especially true when set in an artificially created indoor garden or a bathtub installed in an outdoor garden.

Many assume that a garden tub has one meaning and only one meaning – a tub placed in a garden. While this definition is certainly true, there are other definitions that fit the term as well. A garden tub can be indoors in a fake natural environment. It can also denote a bathtub style preferred by many. The garden bathtub model is freestanding, very large, and has steps leading up to it.

Typical indoor garden tubs will be surrounded by specially placed plants and greenery. They are also usually located near a large window that overlooks an outdoor garden, which enhances the feeling of bathing in nature and lets in a constant stream of natural light. Indoor garden bathtubs are available in a wide variety of makes, models, colors, and sizes to fit almost any bathroom decor and to create the correct simulation of bathing outdoors.

Once placed in a real outdoor garden or other natural space, a garden tub becomes an oasis of escape and relaxation. An outdoor bathtub is not a hot tub it is simply an oversized bathtub located outdoors. Surrounded by layers of greenery, a discreet garden tub creates a unique and memorable bathing experience.

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When installing an outdoor garden tub, there are a few important factors to consider. A water source and proper water drainage are imperatives for the successful implementation of an outdoor garden tub. Installation experts advise those wishing to mount an outdoor bathtub to ensure that all the unit’s water and drainage requirements can be successfully met before digging the ground.

One downside to a garden tub of any definition is the difficulty of cleaning the unit. The garden tub model is oversized and takes much longer to clean properly. Outdoor garden tubs are susceptible to the elements and the presence of dirt, insects, and leaves is common.

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