A farmhouse with a porch and garden with all the inspiration

A farmhouse with a porch and garden with all the inspiration

Now built following traditional forms, this little house in the province of Girona is inspired by the French Provence and the Italian dolce far niente.

It Is Not Historical, But It Has a History

“You are not the only ones”, the owner of this house responds with laughter when we confess that we thought we were in front of a century-old farmhouse. In reality, she tells us, it is a new construction in which, in addition to the owner couple, the architect Carlos Pereira have participated and the interior designers Blanca Berenguer and Marta Xuclà.

A Very ‘El Mueble’ House

“We wanted a summer house that was so special that we ended up living in it all year,” continues the owner. She searched for years for the perfect piece of land. For years that she also dedicated herself to filling a folder with photos of El Mueble and others of her trips through France.

Inspired By Provence

Thus was born, for example, the entrance to the estate through the large blue gate in a stone wall: “We call it ‘Pasillo Provence’, because I saw it in a hotel in that region, and it gives a lot of personality to the house”, The owner of this haven of peace in the Ampurdán explains to us.

An Outside For Everyone

Both your children and their friends and even grandparents can live together in different areas of the garden. The huge and photogenic porch is one of them, with space for a full lounge and outdoor dining area. “The stone walls were worked by hand by Moroccan artisans, so the stone has an exquisite finish,” he says.

Pass Without Calling

We walk in and, in the hall, a custom gray built-in wardrobe and an antique console already indicate that this is a house full of charming pieces. “The key decision was that the wall that separates the entrance from the room should not go all the way up. Thanks to not taking it up to the ceiling, we achieve a certain privacy in the hall area, without giving up the feeling of spaciousness of the living room”.

Nave Ceilings

In the living room, precisely, the gabled ceiling with wooden beams like an agricultural warehouse emphasizes the air of an old farmhouse that they were looking for. The center of the living area is the spectacular fireplace with a black stone base, which serves both as a seat and to store firewood in baskets underneath.

Classic Dining Room

“The winter dining room, with the Catalan volta ceiling, a lamp with a rose shade and an antique piece of furniture, we reserve for when we are all here,” he continues.

Kitchen With Retro Touches

Thus we come to the kitchen, with its rustic style and touches of Provencal blue in the shutters, the hood, the oven and the stove. The drawers reveal that it is a modern kitchen, just like the central island, which provides the dose of order that every house needs.

A Very Practical Bar

Overlooking the garden, the kitchen has a classic and rustic aesthetic but is full of current ideas that make life easier. “We added a bar and my husband and I eat here every day,” explains the owner.

A Bedroom Of Those Who Fall In Love

Lastly, he tells us that, in the bedroom, the balcony doors leading to the garden were recovered from demolition, and that the rest of the windows imitated their shape.

The Dressing Room Is Behind The Headboard

“In the bedroom, we were looking for spaciousness and light, that’s why the decorator Blanca Berenguer suggested us to place the dressing room behind a half-height partition and support the headboard there,” concludes the owner. And this is how, with delicacy, care, and pieces chosen one by one, they have created the house they wanted.

A Tricky Garden

“My husband insisted on planting the garden, the orchard, and a green perimeter around it at the same time as the house was being built, and it was a brilliant idea: now we enjoy everything much more because the view we have is pure countryside,” she continues. . Now they have green, a fountain with three spouts and an ideal sunny pool. “By the pool, we planted bougainvillea and put in some built-in benches to create an extra seating area,” he continues.

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