5 tips to enjoy your winter garden weather

5 tips to enjoy your winter garden weather

We tend to think that winter in the garden cannot be enjoyed, we do not even think about using it due to the cold and the rains, characteristics of this solstice. The only thing we can find are tips for preparing the garden for the seasons to come.

we believe that whoever has a garden has a treasure, being one more room in the house that we can use throughout the year. Taking into account that weather conditions determine our daily outdoor activities and habits, good planning must be carried out to achieve a functional garden that we can use in each season of the year. We take care of the design so that it is effective as well as contemporary, that is, in addition to achieving a neat image, it has utility and meaning.

Planning for garden care in winter is also essential, not only to have the garden ready in spring and summer but to save time and money.

How to enjoy the garden in winter?

Although the temperature drops in winter, when the sun rises the degrees rise, creating a perfect climate and atmosphere to enjoy the sun in your garden or terrace. A snack, reading a book, exercising, any activity will always be more pleasant in the winter sun.

Here are 5 tips to take advantage of your garden also in winter:

1. Add insulating elements

It is necessary to have an area that is sheltered from the cold and the wind. We can use elements that serve as a barrier and thermally isolate the environment, such as porches, pergolas, and lattices. These elements do a double function since, in addition to insulating you from the cold, they will protect you from the heat in summer.

2. Heating in the garden

A fire pit, a fireplace, or an outdoor stove not only helps you regulate the temperature but also creates a very pleasant and cozy environment. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, combustion, materials, and designs to get the right one for your outdoor space.

3. Redistribution of the terrace or garden

You must bear in mind and study well the orientation of your garden to ensure greater exposure to the sun in winter. Avoid shaded spaces and rethink the situation of your furniture to favor sunny areas.

4. Sturdy furniture

When choosing the furniture for your garden you should choose the materials well, which are light to be able to distribute them throughout the space and which are very resistant so that they can withstand the storms (rain, frost, humidity) without problem.

5. Decorate and provide warmth and comfort

With the help of blankets and cushions, you can decorate your garden furniture, so you will have more protection against the cold, you will save on energy expenditure and you will create the best possible environment to make the most of the use of your garden or terrace. Remember that the outdoor space is an extension of the house, so at the compositional level, it is advisable to continue with the same design in the internal decoration continuously.

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