June 7, 2023

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How to Incorporate Nature Into a Play Area

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There are many ways to incorporate nature into a play area and it’s important to develop a relationship between children and the natural world. You can use existing resources on your property to create a natural playscape. This may include a meadow or small deciduous woodland, a grove of evergreen trees, a shady shrub thicket, a shallow stream, a butterfly garden, or a sand-scape.

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Taking your children outdoors is one of the best ways to foster bonding with nature. While frequent unstructured play is the best method of bonding with nature, structured nature play is equally important. School programmes and field trips typically focus on academic goals, but many organisations employ multiple approaches to nature play outside of the school day. Incorporating nature into your play area is a fun and easy way to engage children in the outdoors. For details on equipment for Playgrounds Cheltenham, contact https://www.greenfieldsltd.co.uk/

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For children to learn about plants, consider creating an area with a water feature. Shallow running water features are safe and provide a natural space for children to explore and create. Using small rocks to build dams and chutes will encourage them to respect the environment and learn boundaries. Insects, amphibians, and even fish live in real streams and are fascinating for young children. If you’re not a gardening pro, you can hire a landscape architect to design a stream with large pebbles and maybe a bridge. A small vegetable patch to tend to will also teach children the importance of healthy eating and nature’s bounty.


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