Tips for keeping buttercrunch lettuce fresh for longer

Tips for keeping buttercrunch lettuce fresh for longer

There are different vegetables that are consumed cooked, which destroys the vast majority of contaminants that they may have. The problem is with vegetables that are eaten raw, such as tomatoes, lettuce, or carrots. These last two, in addition, grow in the ground, which can facilitate both their deterioration and food infection.

As lettuce we consume it raw, so it carries a higher load of pollutants as it is not subjected to any type of cooking. It is also not uncommon to find traces of earth or some small insect, which can sometimes remain on the kitchen counter when we are handling it. So, meticulous cleaning should be the first tip we should put into practice.

So that, once in our house, the lettuce is kept in optimal conditions and safely, we must put it in the fridge, since we are talking about a fresh product.

Prevent lettuce from wilting

We buy lettuce and after a few days, it lacks freshness. The greatest deterioration that occurs in lettuce can be seen with the naked eye: its leaves are wilting. We go through the greengrocer once or twice a week, so if we want our vegetables to last a little longer in good condition and extend their useful life, we must put these tricks into practice. Because there are ways that lettuce leaves stay fresh longer.

First of all, we must wash the lettuce leaves under running water, one by one, to remove the remains of dirt, dirt, or small insects that it has. If you prefer, you can disinfect it with a few drops of food-grade bleach and then rinse the lettuce well.

Once washed, the water must be removed by drying them well. The most practical is to use a centrifuge container. If not, we can shake the leaves to remove excess water and then dry them well with kitchen paper, until the moisture is removed.

After drying it properly, we must put the lettuce in the fridge, where it will stay in good condition for four or five days. It is advisable that you put it in the drawers set up for vegetables that refrigerators usually have. It is the area of ​​the refrigerator that is less cold and that is best suited for long-term conservation.

If the leaves can be kept whole, they will last longer in good condition. If for any reason you have to save the cut or chopped lettuce, it is better if you can do it with a ceramic or plastic knife, because it prevents and further delays the oxidation of the lettuce.

Bag lettuce

If we talk about lettuce that is bought in a bag, it tends to last much longer well preserved… until the bag is opened. Afterward, it spoils much faster than traditional lettuce. Without opening the bag or tray in which it is presented, it usually keeps well for a week in the refrigerator at about 4ºC. It really is much more comfortable, but this type of “prepared” lettuce is more expensive.

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