AC not cooling: how to solve it

AC not cooling: how to solve it

Many times, when the heart squeezes and we restart our refrigeration equipment, we find that it AC not cooling as it should. We touch a button, then another and nothing. The reasons that can generate a problem are many: lack gas, filter problems, an electrical deconfiguration, etc. We tell you what to do when the air conditioning does not cool to avoid having a bad drink.

There are frequent causes for which the equipment may function poorly. Although in some cases the assistance of a technician will be necessary, knowing some frequent problems can help prevent and solve the problems without spending a fortune.

How to solve AC not cooling

Air conditioning filterAC not cooling

A fact that many people ignore is that it is necessary to clean the filters periodically, since the accumulation of dirt prevents the air from flowing as it should, lowering the pressure of the gas necessary for cooling and increasing energy consumption. In some cases, the obstruction generated by dirt is so great that the device starts to lose water.

How to clean itAC not cooling

Cleaning the filter is super easy and shouldn’t take too long. The most recommended way is using hot water and soap. It is not a good idea to use brushes since we run the risk of damaging the filter tissue.

In cases where the filter is very dirty or greasy (if it is found, for example, in a kitchen), grease products can be used, which must then be thoroughly rinsed with soap before replacing the filter.

How often to clean the filters

It is usually done every six months. However, this depends largely on the use that is given to each equipment and the environment where it is installed. For example, equipment that remains on for long periods of time or those that are exposed to environments with strong odors, such as tobacco smoke or perfumes, should be washed more regularly. It should be one of the reasons for AC not cooling.

Lack of gasAC not cooling

One of the most common reasons for air equipment to malfunction is the lack of gas. However, it is false that the equipment requires a constant gas refill as with cars. Under normal conditions, this should not happen. If it occurs, it may be due to an error at the time of installation, a leak or a perforation in the pipe. It should be one of the reasons for AC not cooling.

How to know if gas is missing from the air conditioner

There are two ways to detect if our appliance lacks gas: with a pressure gauge or manually. Refrigeration technicians use pressure gauges to determine it. This tool allows them to verify the pressure at which the cold room of any equipment is. However, for those of us who do not have these tools, the best option to know if there is a lack of gas is to pay attention to the following signs:

  • The copper pipe in the outdoor unit is frozen.
  • The indoor unit is frozen.
  • Water drips from the indoor unit.

The odyssey of finding the fault

If we discover that the problem is not the lack of gas, we can take into account other causes:

Air conditioning condenserAC not cooling

The starter capacitor is located in the outdoor unit and is responsible for transmitting the necessary energy to the equipment to start the compressor and the indoor and outdoor fans. The way to determine if the problem is there is to verify that the fans and the compressor are operating normally. If this is so, the problem is surely another. If you see that they are doing badly, it is likely that the capacitor is broken and needs to be changed. It should be one of the reasons for AC not cooling.

The air conditioner evaporator

The evaporator is responsible for taking the hot air around it and transforming it into cold air through an exchange between the coolant and the area to be cooled. If the equipment does not cool, it is likely that the fault is in this component.

Remote Control Settings

As simple as it may seem, the remote control may be the cause of the device malfunction. Because of the number of functions that modern equipment includes, many times we are wrong or fail to understand what each symbol or function refers to and choose functions that are contrary to what we need.

How to program my air conditioner to cool

It is important to understand how to put the air conditioner cold since this is usually the main function we give to our equipment. In most, we find it under the name of ‘Cool’ or cold. Other common and important functions that must be taken into account when configuring the command are:

  • ‘Heat’ or heat: heating.
  • ‘Dry’ or dry: it expels dry air, ideal to remove moisture in environments where there are many people.
  • ‘Fan’ or fan: distributes the air, but does not cool or heat.

Taking these things into account, we must ensure that our equipment is configured in the expected function before convincing us that it has a fault and calling a technician.

Air conditioning maintenance

To avoid equipment failures it is advisable to perform regular maintenance. The frequency depends on each device and its use. For household equipment, annual maintenance is sufficient. For the equipment that has more use, such as those of the offices, the ideal review time is three months.

How to clean air conditioner

The key to good maintenance is the cleaning of filters and exchangers. These are the evaporator (found in the indoor unit) and the condenser (outdoor unit), which are seen when the filters are removed. To disinfect the evaporator we can use a water solution with a small jet of Lavandula and apply it with a sprayer.

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