Pink Champagne, A Touch Of The Orient?

Pink Champagne, A Touch Of The Orient?

Tajine, curry, tabbouleh, and many other imported dishes from the cuisine of the East pair magnificently with this wine.

Warm, beautiful, and refined, rose champagne incites the pleasure of creating new harmonies and unexpected dishes. Sweet or bitter flavors, soft and delicate aromas of colorful and mysterious spices…

Spices refer us to the delight and passionate enjoyment of exotic cuisine from a traditional base, whose flavors and aromas require wines with a more surprising and sophisticated bouquet and color, such as rosé champagne.

Tajine, curry, tabbouleh, and many other dishes imported from Eastern cuisine pair magnificently with this wine, as long as harmony and subtlety prevail from warm but not excessively aggressive spices. Below is a sample of suggestive possibilities.

The best combinations. Mild or light spices that introduce delicate aromas and flavors into dishes: vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron, cumin, coriander, turmeric, or anise.

Certain risk. Something more aggressive or spicy: red or green peppers, paprika, or caraway.

To avoid. Herbs and spices with very pronounced aromas: pepper, celery, fennel, and dill.

How and with what dishes? Those that refer us to a reading of The Thousand and One Nights, to the chords of a sitar or a cherry tree in bloom rocked by a gentle breeze. Better with delicate, rosy glass in hand.

Soft and tender rose champagne pairing… It goes very well with hot dishes from the Middle East, North Africa, and China. Vinified or blended Champagnes, bruts or even semi-dry, need light aromas and flavors such as sweet and bitter sauces containing saffron, dishes based on cinnamon, honey and not very strong spices such as tagines with dried fruits (peach or plums); white meats accompanied by soft fruits such as pineapple, figs or coconut; caviar or canned vegetables (such as tomato or eggplant).

Pairing Fresh and light rosé champagne… Brut, vinified by maceration and not vintage, are presented with aromas of flowers and fruits. They pair perfectly with fish seasoned with fresh spices (anise, ginger) and served with lemon or crispy vegetables (carrots, zucchini, radishes, green beans). They are ideal to accompany sushi, sashimi, and tempura from Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Pairing powerful and full-bodied rose champagne… Vinified through blending, mostly with red grapes, they require a meal with a lot of flavors. So it goes very well with dishes from the Middle East and African countries. Red meats such as lamb, poultry, or duck, spiced with saffron, cumin, white, gray, or black pepper, and accompanied by lentils or green beans. Stews, marinades, and tagines.

More powerful and mature rosé champagne pairing… Magnificent, refined, from old vintages, in principle they do not need accompaniment. Delighting in them requires simple and refined dishes such as Japanese fugu, ginger, lightly marinated or sauteed seafood with salt and pepper, or thin slices of barely cooked and subtly spiced meat.

Pink champagne recreates color, flavor, warmth, music, sensuality, delicacy, and elegance. It is worth enjoying.

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