6 benefits of coconut fiber that you did not know

6 benefits of coconut fiber that you did not know

Taking care of the environment is becoming fashionable, generating less waste, and taking advantage of every part of food is a wonderful way to help the planet. That is why I want to share with you all the wonders you can do with coconut fiber.

As its name indicates, it is obtained from the residues of the common coconut ( Cocos nucifera ). Although it can be considered a type of substrate, it is essential to mix it with other types of elements such as peat, mulch, topsoil or humus, since it does not have the necessary nutrients to exclusively feed a plant.

The uses of coconut fiber are endless and, I’m sure, you are going to be surprised. From now on you will be able to use every part of the coconuts and you will feel great after doing so.

I chose to talk about coconut fiber and its uses because summer is here and it is the best season to lie on the beach and drink coconut water to cool off, but after drinking it, you can use the rest of the fruit, isn’t it it it wonderful?

1.- Orchard

If you have a garden at home, coconut fiber will become your best ally. It is perfect to grow your flowers and fruits, perfect, I tell you!

2.- Strengthens

In addition to helping the production of flowers and fruits, fiber strengthens your plants and makes them resistant to everything, EVERYTHING!

3.- You will save water

The coconut fiber allows to have sustainable crops, this means that it facilitates the watering of the plants and is ideal for maintaining humidity. So it helps to generate a crop with less environmental impact.

4.- Fundamental contributions

It is rich in iron, sodium or silver, vitamins A and C, among others. This is essential for plants to absorb nutrients more easily.

5.- Insulator

Another of the wonders and reasons to use coconut fiber in plants is that it is an insulator between the soil and the plant, which helps to avoid pests and diseases.

6.- low PH

PH is very important, getting your plants to have a low and stable PH is the easiest thing in the world when it comes to coconut fiber.

Now that you know what uses you can give coconut fiber, don’t wait any longer and go buy it. You’ll love it!

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