A Guide to Cottagecore: What Is It and How to Achieve This Cozy Style

A Guide to Cottagecore: What Is It and How to Achieve This Cozy Style

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, you’ve probably seen all those rustic and cozy pictures with the #cottagecore at the bottom and chances are you’ve daydreamt about living in such peaceful-looking places like the ones in the pictures. But what exactly is cottagecore and how can you create such a sanctuary in your own house?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that is inspired by the calm and idyllic country life in the middle of nature, far away from any big city life. It creates a unique atmosphere that embraces elements inspired by nature, such as wildflowers, greenery, wicker baskets, wooden furniture, and many others that create a space that feels comforting and inviting. The most frequently used elements of this design style include natural textures like wood or stone, subtle tones such as pastels, neutrals or, earthy hues, as well as vintage and rustic accents, for example rugs, curtains, and wall art is specific patterns.

Creating your own cottagecore-inspired place can actually be easy and fun, as well as creative, since there are lots of DIY projects you can engage in. First, you need to find a way to incorporate as many natural materials as possible, for example by adding wood tables or a fireplace to your room. Cotton, linen, and hemp are also must-haves, so pay attention to these fabrics when looking for curtains, table cloth, and beddings. Irish pottery mugs are great examples of functional elements that can be used for decorative purposes too. These mugs are handcrafted of pottery, which instantly makes them cottagecore-friendly, and they come in muted, earthy tones that match the aesthetic perfectly. Moreover, Irish mugs can be used both for their direct purpose of enjoying your teas and coffees, but also as a mini vase for your fried wildflowers or greenery, as a beautiful accent on your coffee table in the living room.

The color palette of a cottagecore place is also extremely important, since it sets the tone for a calming and welcoming ambience. Choose different tones of beige and tan, as well as white elements to decorate your interior. However, it doesn’t mean that you should live in a boring beige house just for the sake of creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Get creative and add other shades to your house as well, just select those that reflect the warmth and beauty of nature. Soft pastels like muted hues of green, blue, and yellow, earthy tones of brown and orange, as well as all kinds of floral prints can all be beautifully incorporated into your interior design, making your cottagecore house look more interesting and alive.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned before, creating a cottagecore-inspired place implies your involvement in a lot of DIY projects. Although these days you can buy any decoration online or in stores like Target and TJ Maxx, it is a lot more fun to personalize your house with your own crafts. One easy project is upcycling furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, and dressers by painting them with muted colors and giving them a vintage look. If you’re skilled at sewing, try making your own curtains, bedding, or some throw pillows to decorate your living room.

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