3 Ways Catholics Can Create a Garden Space for Quiet Reflection

3 Ways Catholics Can Create a Garden Space for Quiet Reflection

There is nothing quite like the beauty and solitude of nature when you need those moments of stepping away from a world beset by chaos. Some days it feels like worries will never end. For more than two years the world was struggling to contain a global pandemic. People we knew and loved succumbed to the virus and many jobs were lost due to shutdowns.

Now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, global concerns are ignited once again, and it seems like the stress will never end. Perhaps it’s time you took your worries to a place where the quiet beauty of nature will fill you with peace and reassurance that God is still with us.

1. Catholic Gardening Ideas to Reflect on God’s Goodness

For more than two thousand years Catholics have turned to the lives of the saints for inspiration when struggling against the cares of the world. When it comes to Catholic gardening ideas for creating that space of quiet reflection, why not choose a statue of a saint who inspired you most? It could be your patron saint or one who overcame some of the same trials and tribulations you have faced in life.

In times of trouble, we are most inspired by someone who held onto faith throughout their journey. Contrary to what many people believe, we do not worship the saints or their likenesses in statues. Rather we see them as a visual reminder of the glory that awaits us on the last day. This may be just what you need when seeking respite from all the chaos around you.

2. Fountains and Bird Baths

There is nothing quite like the sound of trickling water to remind us of our baptism into the family of faithful, the Church. A lovely garden fountain in addition to the statue of that inspirational saint would create a peaceful atmosphere in which you could step back and center on the true meaning of life. Take a few moments to simply be present to the beauty of God’s creation around you and perhaps say a few prayers. Maybe this is where you’d like to say your daily rosary. With the lovely songs of birds and the relaxing sounds of that trickling fountain, how can you be anything but at peace?

3. Sow the Seeds of Faith – Christological Plants

What would Easter be like without lilies on the altar? These hold a special place in the hearts of Christians, and this is why they are also one of the flowers most sought after for funerals and celebrations of life. However, there are other flowers and types of vegetation that are rooted in biblical Christology among which are:

  • Olives
  • Cedar
  • Roses
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Fragrant herbs used in incense

These are just an assortment of plants that have special significance for Christians, like the olive branch of peace. Imagine the lovely aroma of roses in bloom or the sweet smell of herbs used in incense for High Liturgies.

With the warmer days just beginning and flowers beginning to bloom, now is the time to get out there to create that lovely place of reflection you can turn to when you need the peace of quiet reflection and prayer.

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