Classic beauty: Large Blue Flower Pots

Classic beauty: Large Blue Flower Pots

If there is any element that fills a space with life without hardly any effort, that is a beautiful plant. The flowers are always a wise decision if we want to renew the atmosphere of a room and also have the option of choosing between infinite types and colors. But what about the flowerpots? Get some blue pots with a lot of charm that dress your spaces.

We love decorating spaces with classic blue touches in any of its shades: navy blue, cobalt, blueberry … And this color brings serenity and freshness to any room. Discover how to decorate blue pots with style. Keep reading!

Ideas to decorate unique large blue pots

Have you already thought about what plants you will put in your living room or bedroom? Plants of great size, with flowers, cactus … whatever your choice, you cannot miss some blue pots that fill them with personality. Go ahead and paint them yourself! With simple large blue flower pots of natural clay you can achieve incredible results. Take note of our proposals:

Large Blue Flower Pots

  • Blue pots with polka dots: for a children’s bedroom, stairs or to give a fun touch to our living room, the moles are always a happy alternative. Get some small pots in white and decorate with small polka dots of different shades of blue.
  • Get a casual effect anywhere: awaken your creativity and paint your blue pots with different techniques. Do you want to try something different? Place the pot inside out and drop a little paint, so that it falls in the form of drops on the sides. Let it dry and … ready!
  • Nordic- inspired blue flowerpots: move some of the Scandinavian essence to your home with blue pots inspired by nature. Draw some very simple mountains of different sizes and paint them in 2 or 3 shades of blue. To achieve authentic Nordic style, place them near your window so that they receive the appropriate amount of light.

The large blue pots are the hallmark of the picturesque courtyards. Place several of these pots on a white wall, preferably on the outside as the terrace or balcony, and fill them with colorful geraniums to get a true patio. Do not forget to put a small table and some chairs to enjoy your patio whenever you want.

Enroll blue in your decoration and do not miss the best advice on decoration and interior design.

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