March 22, 2023

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Fencing Maintenance Tips

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Regardless of the material or style of your fence, you will want to follow a few simple steps to prevent rot and mildew. First, make sure the soil around your fence posts is dry, with a slight slope away from your fence. Second, periodically clean the wood in your fence to remove dirt and mildew. Finally, recoat the wood with a UV-inhibiting coating if necessary.

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Another way to protect your fence is to prevent the growth of vegetation around it. Over time, fallen leaves can cause your fence to rot. This can happen because the leaves trap moisture and cause mold to form around fence posts. Raking leaves away from your fence can prevent this problem and prevent it from spreading. When you need information on Fencing Cheltenham, go to

Another tip for maintaining your fence is to use a pressure washer on a no-pressure setting. This will remove any dirt caked on the fence’s surface and allow it to dry before staining. When staining, be sure to remove any latex stain that you may have used before applying an oil-based stain. The latex stain will not mix with the oil-based stain, so you need to remove it before applying the oil-based stain.

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Wooden fences are susceptible to many common problems over time. Pets can dig underneath the fence, and this can cause the fence to weaken. To avoid this, consider placing a concrete foundation underneath the fence posts. In addition, wood is susceptible to pest infestations, so sealing your wooden fence will protect it from these pests.


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