How to choose the right shower for your bathroom?

How to choose the right shower for your bathroom?

If you are thinking of changing your bathtub for a shower, you cannot miss these tips to make the best decision.

When we begin the journey of designing our house, we realize how much we need and how many magnificent ideas we love. This time, we focus on the bathroom; Here are some ideas to choose the shower for your bathroom!

We know that every corner of the house requires special attention to create welcoming environments and places so that we feel comfortable and at ease, including the bathroom area.

We may not realize it, but it must be adequate to meet all our physiological and aesthetic needs.

That is why we want to dedicate special attention to the work of the shower. Well, people are increasingly aware of the importance of water and the need to be more thrifty.

Ideas to choose the shower for your bathroom

Showers are almost completely replacing bathtubs, mainly because they are smaller and offer more possibilities in terms of aesthetics.

In this sense, they are characterized by being small, safe, modern, and very versatile.  So, we want you to see with us what are the types of showers that you can have at home.

It should be noted that they are more compact and functional than bathtubs.  Their designs can make our bathroom a very avant-garde place.

For example, showers with screens give a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. In addition, they offer some privacy and protection.

Of course, the design of our shower will always depend on our space and the distribution of the sink, mirror, furniture, and toilet.

Rectangular bathroom

By rectangular bathroom, we mean rectangular showers, which are the ones that can best be adapted to any space in your bathroom.

You see, if your bathroom is rectangular in shape, it is recommended that the shower be placed on the far wall for visual balance.  Of course, it will also depend on the water intake and the type of work that we are willing to do at home.

Spotty bathroom

Many bathrooms are neither rectangular nor square, but rather have an irregular shape. For this type of construction it is recommended that the shower be on a ledge or between walls that are different.

Square bathroom

If your distribution is square, you have to choose one side, the left or the right, to place the shower there. Few options leave a square bathroom. This is because, as a general rule, the sink is located in the center.

One of the options that we propose is that you choose the Italian shower. They are fashionable, they are trendy and they are very showy.

In addition, they give a very modern touch.  This type of shower creates the sensation of a larger or smaller cubicle that is enclosed by translucent doors.

Likewise, it is appreciated that it is a shower because on the floor we see the drains. Typically, the Italian shower floor is the same as the bathroom floor. That is, the integration is complete.

It is a perfect option for smaller bathrooms, as it adapts to any corner or side.

Shower size

It is important to measure the shower well so that we have a comfortable and useful shower. We recommend that the measurements for a comfortable shower be about 90 cm wide by 120 cm long. Ideally, try not to go below 75 cm wide and one meter long, because otherwise, it could be a bit uncomfortable.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing the shower for your bathroom

  • The shower should not be too big or too small.
  • Try to create harmony with the rest of the bathroom furniture and accessories.
  • Look for a practical, modern and simple option. It won’t go out of style.
  • It is advisable to look for a sink integrated into a piece of furniture; It will save us space and we will be able to have more room for the shower.
  • Look for floating toilets that don’t have to rest on the ground. They are more practical, and aesthetic, and facilitate cleaning.
  • Use transparent partitions to gain amplitude.

If you are thinking of changing your bathtub for a shower, we advise you to think carefully about the reform, since it is very important to optimize the space and buy accessories that give a feeling of neatness and beauty.

Dare to give your bathroom a modern touch with these showers!

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