7 mosquito repellent plants indoor to avoid mosquitoes

7 mosquito repellent plants indoor to avoid mosquitoes

As spring and summer roll in, in the northern hemisphere, mosquitoes make an appearance. Therefore, today we are going to talk about some mosquito repellent plants indoor to get rid of mosquitoes naturally.

First of all, keep in mind that mosquitoes come for many factors. However, there are some that you can control to prevent them from appearing before you start placing all these plants. So, first, follow the following points to maximize the repellent effects that plants offer. Read the 15 gardening tips for beginners

  • Use mosquito nets to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and thus be able to leave the sales open so that the environment is not too hot inside the rooms.
  • If you have standing water in any area, remove it if possible, whether it is unevenness in the exterior soil, pots with stagnant water in their dishes, etc. If you can’t get rid of standing water, it’s best to keep it covered.
  • Keep the garden under control. Sanitize the plants regularly, avoid excess water.
  • Avoid using fragranced topical products, as the scent may attract them.

List of mosquito repellent plants indoor

mosquito repellent plants indoor

Citronella or lemongrass

It is a very famous mosquito repellent plant from which citronella oil is extracted, which many insect repellants on the market carry. It does not require much care and also gives off a mild aroma when rubbed.

Calendula (Calendula Officinalis)

Who would have thought that such an attractive flowering plant would repel insects? Well, yes, these plants repel mosquitoes!

Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

This plant that attracts cats so much is almost a drug that they cannot resist its smell, taste, and effects. But not so for mosquitoes, who flee from this plant, which is unpleasant for them. This is due to the substance it contains called nepetalactone. It grows quickly and does not require much care, except for constant watering if you live in hot climates.


Both garlic plants and garlic cloves scattered around the garden will keep mosquitoes away from your house with their strong aroma.


In addition to decorating your windows with these flowers that live in full sun, it will repel aphids and mosquitoes.


Jasmine has always been said to repel mosquitoes. Placing some flower beads on the window will help the mosquitoes turn around. Its aroma will enchant you.

Achlys triphylla

Little known is this shady undergrowth plant whose leaves give off an odor similar to vanilla, especially dry. It is said to repel insects. Dry a bunch of leaves and hang them on doorways and windows.

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