How to grow saffron in Garden

How to grow saffron in Garden

There are those who call saffron red gold, and it is that this autumnal species that does not occur in any land usually gives a characteristic and almost magical flavor to food. Therefore, its price is not expected to be reasonable, so it is better to learn how to cultivate it and have its spell at home. If you want to enhance the flavor of your rice dishes and broths, find out how to grow saffron in this article.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Saffron is not grown with seeds but with bulbs. This lucky root can be hard to find. The first thing you should do is visit the specialized stores in areas where you know it is grown. Without the bulbs, it is impossible to grow saffron.

Step: 2

Once you have the bulbs, it’s time to plant. Do it at the end of March, when winter ends. We recommend that you take a 10-centimeter rectangle-type pot and plant the bulbs you want 20 centimeters apart. Make sure that the pot’s grid drains correctly and that it does not store water in the bottom, since humidity is recommended for this plant, but not in excess.

Step: 3

In high temperatures or in the middle of summer, water it like any other plant, alternating the days and with the necessary amount of water. Once it blooms, reduce the frequency of irrigation to a minimum. And when it gets cold again, cover it with plastic.

Step: 4

When the saffron blooms, you must remove the pistil from the flower, that kind of red thread that is what you will use to season your meals and create irresistible flavors in your kitchen. Store the pistils in a plastic container at room temperature and remember that using a little is enough. Don’t spend it all on one plate!

Step: 5

When the crocus dries up or drops the leaf, it is time to empty the pot and remove the bulbs. Start a new planting from scratch with these bulbs and you will see that the whole cycle begins to repeat itself. This is common to happen in the month of June.

Step: 6

Fun fact: it takes 250,000 crocuses to harvest 1 Kilogram of the spice. That’s why it’s so expensive!

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