How to furnish living room marble floor

How to furnish living room marble floor

As we will see in the course of this tutorial, choosing the shades, the furnishing accessories and the right shades, it is possible to furnish the living room with a marble floor in an elegant and refined way, giving the environment an extra touch of originality and refinement. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out how it is possible to furnish the living room marble floor, carefully follow the advice below. I will provide you with valuable advice.

How to furnish living room marble floor?

First of all, keep in mind that since the floor of the house is an element of great importance, it is essential to choose the right furnishing accessories, i.e., colors and shades capable of embellishing the room and avoiding creating unpleasant combinations. The marble floor is certainly perfect for a living room, dining room or kitchen.

In concrete terms, to furnish with taste with marble, it is important to take into consideration the different types of marble currently available on the market (it is possible to find light, dark, beige, white, red and even green marble). Keep in mind that the different shades of white marble are more easily combined with living rooms that feature glass windows and steel elements in a modern style. The marbles with a beige tone, on the other hand, combine perfectly with an environment characterized by the presence of classic furniture in dark wood. The marbles in the shades of red and green, on the other hand, are more suited to modern style elements, such as modern furniture and decorations. Black. In any case, dark marble is particularly suitable for furnishing rooms in baroque and/or classic style, large and rich in furnishings.

Those who love the classic style of furniture, in particular, can opt for a light marble floor characterized by variously reproduced geometric designs (the latter, however, can be combined with furniture characterized by decorations and inlays).

As for the fabrics of the room, that is, the curtains and carpets, for a living room with a marble floor, it is advisable to choose totally contrasting shades and tones (it is not an absolute rule, also choose according to your personal tastes). For example, if you have chosen a light marble or beige-toned floor, I recommend that you opt for reddish curtains (or in any case burgundy or brown), trying to match them to the rest of the room (for example, the sofas or chairs). The same can be applied to carpets while avoiding creating an excessive detachment of color inside the room.

For any doubts, or simply to get more information on the subject, I recommend using other information channels available on the market (for example, paper magazines dedicated to home furnishings and design).

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