Without a doubt, one of the most frequent problems in the home is maintaining glossy floors, free of infectious agents, without damaging the base coatings of the material. With this guide, you can learn everything about caring for floors, how to clean ceramic floors, tips for maintaining it longer, or the products you should use if you need to preserve the floor finishes and eliminate bacteria.

Advantages of using ceramics on floorsHOW TO CLEAN CERAMIC FLOOR

Given the nature of ceramics, which is a kind of resistant, practical material, does not trap odors or can be adapted to different spaces, it is the type of floor most used in homes.

That is, compared to wooden or vinyl floors, ceramic is very resistant to withstand the high traffic of people, so it is also possible to use it on terraces, rooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, etc. Also, it beautifies any type of area because it can be found in countless colors and models, even some are almost the same as the most elegant finishes such as wood.

Likewise, it can isolate the temperature avoiding the passage of heat, as well as water leaks and prevents the production of leaks thanks to the porosity of the ceramic.

However, it may get dirty easily in places where there is a large influx of people, which can take time, effort and money to clean; Knowing the tips to maintain an impeccable floor, you can avoid these complications.

Why is it important to properly clean ceramic floors?

Having dirty floors is not a good sign in any case, because there are thousands of germs and germs that are harmful to health. Thus, in a company or at home, this dirt can be the main factor causing illness.

Beyond the bad impression generated by a floor that is not shiny, dirty, with tartar or other types of difficult stains, another problem caused by not having an adequate cleaning regime for ceramic floors is ending their useful life faster, causing irreversible problems and producing a greater expense such as having to change the entire coating.

Most common types of dirt in the homeHOW TO CLEAN CERAMIC FLOOR

When asking yourself how to clean ceramic floors, you must first learn to recognize stains to attack them and eliminate them. Sometimes, if you do not get to clean that dirt, it could damage the finish, making it more opaque. Primarily, grease is one of the most common items on dining room floors, kitchens, or other spaces where food is handled. Worse still if dust will get impregnated on a grease stain since it forms a mixture that is difficult to remove.

Similarly, liquid or food spills such as milk, eggs, sauces, fruits, soft drinks, among others, are capable of dirtying the floor to unimaginable levels. Even, a type of scab could be gathered that would be impossible to eradicate with a simple rag.

For this reason, it is advisable to clean immediately after having soiled and carry out frequent cleaning, opting for specialized products to eliminate all types of dirt, stains, bacteria or infectious agents.

How to clean ceramic floorHOW TO CLEAN CERAMIC FLOOR

Entering the initial topic of this article, you should know that taking into account the tips given here will help you maintain cleanliness on ceramic floors. It was already mentioned that this kind of floors is not so difficult to attend to; But if you don’t immediately attack a stain or work to prevent them, you can cause irreversible damage. Likewise, if the correct products are not used for each type of dirt, it will be impossible to finish cleaning the surfaces, promoting a waste of resources, time and money.

Currently, there are different cleaners specially made to correct those difficult stains, liquid spills, glued dust or other types of dirt on ceramic floors. Below, we’ll review a list of recommended products to accomplish various goals when cleaning ceramic surfaces at home.

1. Key soft floor cleaner

Thinking of delicate floors like marble, the best advice to follow is to use this cleaning liquid. Its effectiveness is such that it manages to maintain the natural shine of the material, even on porous or natural stone floors.

This product must be prepared in a bucket, as it is traditionally done to mop with water, but here the difference is that the KEY soft floor cleaner product has to be diluted with water in a proportion of 164 ml of the liquid with 10 liters of water. The mopping method does not change, so it is one of the easiest and most functional products on the market.

Likewise, this cleaner can be used on tables, benches, shelves or other surfaces with a marble base. The application must be through an atomizer, this is filled with a mixture of 16 ml in 1 liter of water, then the surface of the object is cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

2. Key mild bathroom cleaner

Now, focusing on home bathrooms where, being a place of continuous use during the day, at all hours, it is almost impossible to have the bathroom without dirt. In that room, there is always the possibility of finding stains due to soap, shampoo, waste paper, puddled water, toothpaste, and tartar.

Not to mention the health problems that can be caused by the usual germs and viruses in this area due to an incorrect cleaning process. In this sense, you should know that, if these spots are not attended to, tartar will later form regardless of the shape or material of the surface.

For these reasons, using KEY mild bathroom cleaners can help you remove all kinds of dirt caused by the aforementioned residues. In this way, marble, granite, Formica, ceramic, plastic, PVC, synthetic marble or other natural stone materials for bathrooms and sinks (including chrome accessories) can be protected with the use of this bathroom cleaner as it is harmless against all washable surface; does not harm the skin and is not corrosive.

This product has to be applied with an atomizer where it is going to be combined with water; exactly 25 milliliters in 1 liter of water if the dirt is not very serious. After spraying the surface to be cleaned, you should brush with a white cloth or fiber and rinse to remove the residue.

3. Keyglox crystallizer

As a last resort, the KEY Glox Crystallizer was designed to achieve a perfect polish on marble, terrazzo, natural stone or ceramic floors. The use of this product can not be maneuvered by inexperienced, so it will be necessary to hire a professional.

If due to the restriction characteristic of exclusive use for professionals, you think that it is not worth it, you should wait to see its results because it leaves a “mirror-like” shine effect. In this way, the product leaves resplendent floors without damaging or thinning the thickness of these, on the contrary, it leaves a layer of the crystallizer creating surfaces with more resistance.

Specifically, this polisher must be sprayed in areas of one square meter, using a polishing machine with a ball of steel wool or red disc at low speed (about 175 RPM). Don’t forget that before starting the polishing process; the surface must be clean and free of any contaminants such as chewing gum, garbage or dust. It is also advised to start a dry mopping with the use of a KEY magnet and; Continuously wash the surface with KEY 1000 Uses, leaving the floor to dry completely. Finally, it is recommended to pass the polisher using a beige disc to give a better shine to the floor.

When using the crystallizer, it will be necessary to have the perfect delicacy to avoid staining the product; but if this were the case, it is necessary to carry out the procedure again until the damage is eliminated.

In conclusion, to clean ceramic floors properly, it is necessary to have a proper cleaning habit on the floors of the home, which is a great support if you intend to take full advantage of the virtues of KEY cleaning materials. Now that you know the products specially designed to care for and extend the life of your floors; You have enough tools to improve your home with the cleaners that Home Depot offers you.

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