Black Cabinets For Kitchen- The Color That Fits Most

Black Cabinets For Kitchen- The Color That Fits Most

I was trying to decide if black is the new white (because all-white kitchens have been a fad for a while now) or if black is the new black (because black is timeless and classic), but I’m afraid I just ended up I get confused when it comes to black kitchen cabinets.

So is. Black kitchen cabinets. They are a thing and not a rare or exclusive thing either.

Things you should know about the color black

Black is one of the basic colors that are important to interior design and the palette in general. It is neutral, just like white and gray. These shades are very versatile and are used in many different ways. Black in particular is a powerful color that can be subtle when needed and can also make a statement.

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Black is known for its elegance and sophistication, which you can use to create beautiful interior designs. However, if you’re not careful, a black-based interior can end up looking dark and feeling gloomy. Balance is therefore essential when decorating with black.

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It’s more tempting to use black as an accent color simply because it goes well with everything. It is also simple and robust, contrasting with many other colors. Wearing black in large amounts can also look gorgeous when done right.

Whether you’re on a budget or trying to pair it with white cabinets, black can look great in a kitchen.

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The best way to paint cabinets

  1. First, you need to remove the kitchen cabinets and their hardware.
  2. Then give your cabinets a quick scrub and wipe down to make sure they’re clean.
  3. Next, go ahead and start sanding the cabinets until they are smooth.
  4. Apply primer to all sides of cabinets and dry overnight.
  5. Next, paint the inside of the cabinets before you paint the outside.
  6. Let them dry completely overnight again.
  7. Check if you need to apply a second coat.
  8. If not, reapply cabinet hardware and secure your cabinets.

High-quality sanding and painting will ensure you get a nice smooth finish on your black kitchen cabinets.

Black kitchen cabinets ideas

Black cabinets are appearing everywhere, in all kitchen styles and sizes: contemporary, of course, but also country, traditional, small, galley, and… the list goes on. Do you think you could love black kitchen cabinets? We think so!

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A mix of old and new

Paired with this vintage-inspired green kitchen buffet, the modern feel of black kitchen cabinets is softened enough.

Natural light is a balancing feature

Kitchens, where natural light abounds, are the envy of all kitchens in the world. Using black kitchen cabinets to contrast against that light provides a fresh twist. (And we love the combination of clean, crisp white drum tones.)

Farmhouse Style Black Kitchen Cabinets

Talk about inspiration for a farmhouse kitchen. The white backsplash and colored cement floor add a lot of space to this kitchen. The tall black pantry cabinet and drawers just go to show that you can use black cabinets in almost any kitchen.

Black in small spaces.

As the ultimate dark color, black isn’t necessarily limited to large spaces. This small kitchen looks sleek and modern with its flat front black cabinets.

Black, white, and hints of red

This classic color scheme works wonderfully in this cute kitchen, complete with black kitchen cabinets, a white tile backsplash, and plaid dish towels.

Traditional black kitchen cabinets

Black cabinets may not be the first thing you think of when you think of a “traditional kitchen,” but the warmth of the wood tones and earth tones combined with the distressed black cabinets here balance it all out nicely.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

These may not be black cabinets, but this kitchen is full of black hardware accents. There are black accents everywhere, from the kitchen cabinet handles to the black countertops. This kitchen is inspiring if you don’t want black kitchen cabinets but still want to use black in your kitchen.

Black Block and Butcher

The starkness of the black kitchen cabinets here is significantly softened by a medium-stained butcher block countertop. A spring green backsplash adds to the natural vibe

Galley kitchen cabinets

Simple, clean-lined black kitchen cabinets in a galley-style kitchen provide a nice framing element for the beautiful stainless steel stove at the end of the kitchen.

Black kitchen cabinet doors

Black and white beauty everywhere in this kitchen. There is a combination of white cabinets with black doors, which really stands out. The black kitchen table, range hood, and decorations create an intricate kitchen display.

Black cabinets with gold hardware

Is there a more luxurious or sophisticated combination than black with gold? In a simple kitchen, black provides the perfect background for these hints of gold.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

What a unique way to showcase black in your kitchen with black handles on white cabinets above the counters. And there are all-black cabinets under the counters. A very simple way to integrate black and create dimension in your kitchen.

Black and Marble

A black and white geometric backsplash provides a great cohesive element and a visual transition from the darkness of black kitchen cabinets to the lightness of Carrera marble countertops.

Gloss black all around

Built into the gloss black cabinets of this dream kitchen are gloss black appliances, and the streamlined look couldn’t look more sleek and stylish. Keeping the black crown molding is also a stroke of design genius.

White kitchen cabinets with black appliances

If you are looking for a touch of black in your kitchen, you can always go for black appliances. They really stand out against the white cabinets and don’t add an overwhelming amount of black to the space.

Black cabinets with white island

Often designed backward, with pale kitchen cabinets and a darker kitchen island, this setup is unique, eye-catching, and memorable, not only because of its color scheme but also because of the fabulous traditional details.

Classic black and white

A 50/50 split of black and white in this kitchen space results in a beautiful and timeless look. Black kitchen cabinets showcase beautiful chandeliers and balance the dark floors in the space.

Black bottoms

If a corner kitchen is small enough that all-black kitchen cabinets seem overwhelming, consider adding black cabinets to the bottom and keeping the top white. Combine this with a checkerboard floor and you have a winning mix of old and new.

Black cabinets with colored lighting

Just as white kitchen cabinets are versatile when it comes to color accents, so are black kitchen cabinets. They provide a bold neutral base against which colors (like these orange-brown glass pendants) can shine.

Black kitchen island

It’s not a new trick: Contrast the color of your kitchen island with the rest of your kitchen cabinets. But when that contrast is as dramatic as black and white, you have a truly amazing focal point.

All Black Kitchen Cabinets

This is a timeless kitchen with its all-black cabinets. If you’re looking for a primarily black kitchen, this is a great example of black and its use in this space.

Rustic + Black

The rustic appeal and warmth of grained wood surfaces, whether it’s floors, countertops, shelves, or ceiling beams (or, in this case, all of the above) is absolutely stunning when juxtaposed with black kitchen cabinets.

Black with Crystal

As the ultimate color absorbing color, it’s interesting to note (and makes sense) that black enhances and enhances light-reflecting surfaces. Lots of glass in this kitchen makes black kitchen cabinets an obvious and beautiful choice.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

Matte black cabinets are perfect without visible hardware or handles. Black cabinets paired with wood and white give this kitchen a sleek, modern look.

Black cabinets with colorful carpet

Not all components of a kitchen are permanent, so to speak. A colorful rug, like this deep red oriental rug you see here, provides a nice pattern and a visual break from the color of the black cabinets.

Black cabinets with soffits

Extend the drama of your black kitchen cabinets by painting the panels (and trim, if applicable) the same color. The impact from floor to ceiling is impressive.

Wood cabinets with black countertops

And, just to confuse you all… how about the reverse image of black kitchen cabinets? It’s tempting to use black as an accent color simply because it goes well with everything. It is also very simple and strong and contrasts nicely with the wood.

Contemporary kitchen in black

As you have clearly seen, black is a color that looks great in modern and contemporary kitchens. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in combination with other styles. This rustic kitchen features black top and bottom cabinets with a pretty distressed finish, glass-paneled doors, and sleek metal hardware. Instead, the countertop and backsplash are made of wood.

All Black Minimalist Kitchen

This is an all-black kitchen that, contrary to what you might expect, doesn’t look or feel very dark. The fact that the ceiling is white definitely helps to balance the decor.

In addition, the space has large windows, elegant white curtains and a direct connection to the outside. What also plays an important role here is the lighting. Warm LED lights illuminate the countertop and a set of minimalist lamps illuminate the area around the island.

Wood Backsplash & Storage

A beautiful way to keep black kitchen cabinets from dominating the space is to add wood to the design. This warm, natural material contrasts nicely with black. Here it was used to create a stylish accent wall with floating shelves. The backsplash blends seamlessly into the wall itself. This is a Leicht Westchester-Greenwich kitchen.

Go with an industrial kitchen

This industrial-style kitchen designed by Nina Williams Interiors also makes use of black as the main color. All cabinets including the island are black which adds a strong vibe to the decor and allows the brick accent wall and wood countertop to stand out more. The metal pipe and wooden shelves bridge the gap between these elements nicely.

Black kitchen cabinets with gold handles

Contemporary kitchens and black cabinets go hand in hand, as you would expect from such a simple and versatile color. Studio Hurst complemented the large black furniture with a beautiful white marble backsplash and also used this material for the island top. Another detail to highlight is the use of gold metal accents to highlight the elegance of all the materials and colors involved.

Small black kitchen cabinets

If you have a small kitchen and a compact footprint, black cabinets can add space and dimension to the look of your kitchen. The use of white and wood brings this space to life and maximizes the size of the area.

All-natural lighting

As mentioned above, too much black can make a space feel dark. To make up for that, the  Renovation Design Group studio gave this kitchen plenty of natural and artificial lighting.  The cabinets are all concentrated on one wall, creating a small unit with very simple and clean lines. The style is obviously industrial, hence the ceiling design.

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