6 tips for minimalist garden

6 tips for minimalist garden

It is important to know how to make efficient use of space-based on home decoration. Just as there is interior decoration, it is also important to pay attention to that of the exteriors: like the gardens, since it is literally the image of our home, from the eyes that see it from the street and the distance. We share some best tips for the minimalist garden.

As we have said, within the elements to be considered for the decoration of exteriors, are the gardens. Who has the pleasure of having a garden, as part of the house, we know that it allows us to have contact with nature and therefore should know how to take advantage, since it is counterproductive to have a garden and not pay attention to it, representing a hindrance.

But it is also true that a garden represents an investment of time, effort and money to maintain it properly, which is why our recommendation is to have a minimalist garden, which is beautiful to look at, fashionable according to current trends and practical in terms of care.

We present our tips for minimalist garden design:

6. Keep the grass flushminimalist garden

A characteristic of minimalist gardens is perfectly pruned grass. You can experiment with the shapes and extent of it, creating “spots” throughout the garden, however, it is vital that minimalist gardens keep the grass short. For this, it is important that you have one day of the week exclusively reserved to prune the garden and make it part of your routine.

5. Play with the potsminimalist garden

The sizes of the pots in the minimalist gardens are one of the characteristics that will give more life to your garden. Whether with rhythmic combinations or creating original designs, this is a great help to give movement to your minimalist gardens. And because its decoration is minimalist and therefore without the need to decorate with many elements, try to make the choice of your pots, be the right ones, knowing how to use the opportunity to find something that represents your style.

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4. Wood elementsminimalist garden

The ceilings, furniture, railings, and other wooden accessories are extremely fashionable, especially in minimalist gardens, where it is common to see ornaments made with this material. Thanks to their designs, we can give a minimal more homely and “natural” touch to the minimalist gardens, in addition to the variety of tones that allows us to play with the decoration. Combine and alternate grass, pots, and wood as you prefer, they are beautiful combinations.

3. Pots with shapesminimalist garden

Another basic element in the minimalist garden are the pots with unusual and original shapes. They can be geometric like rectangles, spheres, triangles, etc. With them, you can decorate the most complicated corners of the minimalist gardens without losing their style. These are ideal options for when you don’t know what to do with space and you need to fill it out, without making much visual scandal. minimalist garden is to experience.

2. The furnitureminimalist garden

Nothing is more relaxing and enjoyable than a couch or an armchair to read in a garden. And minimalist gardens are not excluded by this rule. The most important thing is to find the design (in color, size, and shape). That matches the characteristics of the minimalist gardens. And therefore the ideal would be to obtain furniture designs that are consistent with each other, of a single color and with simple designs that do not break the harmony of the rest of the site

1. Water and stonesminimalist garden

Finally, we must take into account the most appropriate accessories for minimalist gardens, this time. We recommend that you consider some water that creates a relaxed atmosphere. And some stones or sand to complement its decoration. This addition is ideal for those who want to make use of its minimalist gardens for purposes of uses such as meditation, relaxation and rest. Few places will be as nice as this if you add some stones with a water fountain.

In general, minimalist gardens have the great advantage of being very versatile, simple. And allow those who decorate them to play with shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Therefore there is a wide variety of alternatives to customize each of its spaces.

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