Create your own vertical garden

Create your own vertical garden

The vertical gardens have become fashionable and the truth is that we love them. A very different way to enjoy the vegetation inside and outside the house. Have you always wanted to have one but do not know how to do it? Here are some ideas.

There are endless possibilities, the limit will be set by our imagination. If you are thinking of something original to decorate your home, you should consider the possibility of one of these aerial gardens or vertical gardens.

Vertical garden with woodvertical garden

We can use wood planks to make our own vertical garden. The options are many. You can, for example, take several wooden slats and tie them with ropes to hang them. In this case, we will only need a base to tie our garden. Inside we can place as many pots as we want, always taking into account the total weight. In addition, you can also make shelves and place pots in them. In places where natural light is good can be spectacular.

Pallets, always so timely

Yes, wooden pallets or pallets can be a good element to build our vertical planter. We can dismantle a pallet by creating the vertical garden ourselves. It is a more complex option, but those who are used to working with them will surely have no problem. In addition, there is also the option to panel a whole wall and go placing the pots ourselves, without having planters. Both will be great both indoors and outdoors. Use a ideal lawn mowers for get better performance for your dream garden.

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Vertical gardens with ferns

We can not think of another more interesting plant to create a vertical garden than the fern; and it is that the fern, so primitive and exciting, creates compositions of the most tropical. We can fill large extensions of the wall or create small concentrated gardens, in which the branches of these precious plants come out in a disorderly manner. Anyway, we will achieve that our house has a wild and different touch.

Vertical gardens with square supports

More ordered are the following vertical gardens. The intention is to create a perfect corner full of color. In this case, vertical planters are used with certain shapes, usually square. Although the size may be different, depending on the wall we want to cover, they are usually not excessively large. And what plants can we include? The truth is that those known as succulents are ideal. There are a host of different types, which also have a host of different colors, ideal for making a good college of shades. Best of all, these plants act by keeping the water and its nutrients inside. Therefore, they can stand a long time without you watering them, an advantage for those who do not have enough time to take care of the plants.

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