June 7, 2023

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Before Purchasing a New Construction Home: 5 Common Defects to Look For

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The whole home buying process is incredibly exciting – it’s not like shopping for anything else. Since you will be spending much of your life in a home, it needs to be perfect. This is why purchasing a new construction home can be a lot more beneficial than purchasing an older home. Newer homes come with fewer problems and maintenance concerns. Also, you can often chime in during the planning phase. Maybe you want the master bathroom to be just a little bit bigger. Maybe you want a few more square feet added to the kitchen. However, newer homes also come with their unique set of challenges and before you move in, you want to make sure there aren’t any glaring issues. Here are five common defects to look for before purchasing a new construction home.

  1. Major issues in the roof. A roof is a delicate part of a home – it must be built to protect a home from rain, snow, sleet and high speed winds. So, it is important that the roof is built with all the specifications in mind. If the home is particularly large, you may need a crane to place the necessary support beams. This is where a contractor may need to look for Crawler cranes for saleĀ or rent to build the roof. All in all, if the roof has any defects, you want to have the contractor fix the problem immediately.
  2. Faulty electrical. You can usually tell if a home has a faulty electrical system by plugging items in and turning lights on and off. If you see that certain lights dim or appliances shut off when you cross certain wires, you most likely have a faulty electrical system. This is an issue that you want to have fixed right away before moving in – even if the issue is simply a wire that has been wired incorrectly.
  3. Problems with the heating and air conditioning system. A lot of homes – surprisingly – are built with the wrong HVAC system. Either the air conditioner is too small or the heating system is too large. When this happens, you will be dealing with some major issues, like excess moisture, condensation or struggles with properly cooling or heating the home.
  4. Miscellaneous window alignment issues. If you notice windows that aren’t aligned, it could be that they are providing a major source for air and energy to escape. If this becomes an issue, you may have to have the windows completely rebuilt later. So, it is important to have the builders remedy the problem as soon as you move in – preferably before. Misaligned windows are also aesthetically displeasing.
  5. Areas that seem unfinished. A lot of homebuilders like to cut corners – this is common in the industry of new construction and housing developments. If you notice any areas that seem unfinished, you want to voice your concerns right away. If there are areas of unfinished building, it could be a sign that there are deeper issues and problems you should be looking for.

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