February 8, 2023

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5 Main Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Home-Based Business

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Those who opt to run a business from their home enjoy several advantages over operations with storefronts – mainly when it comes to avoiding unnecessary costs like a lease (and all of the expenses that go along with a business property). But there are drawbacks, as well. It can be difficult to accommodate clients or store and ship products from your home. And it can also be hard to find a space for employees to work. So when you decide that it’s time to hire an executive assistant to screen calls, manage correspondence, and take on other clerical tasks, you might be at a loss as to where to ensconce your newest staffer. Luckily, hiring a virtual assistant can solve your problem. Here are some of the benefits the average home-based business owner will gain from hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Expanded search options. When you hire a person to work from your home with you, you’ll limit yourself to a rather immediate geographic region. This could drastically reduce the number of applicants for the position, not to mention the skill and experience level of candidates. But virtual assistants telecommute (via phone, internet, video chat, and so on). This means the that you have a much better chance of finding a qualified candidate for the position.
  2. Limited liability. Most businesses are inclined to purchase liability insurance for their property in case employees, clients, or visitors are injured on the premises. As a homeowner, your home insurance will bear some of the burden, but you’re better off simply not allowing other people on your property, unless you want to pay extra for business liability coverage. A virtual assistant need never set foot inside your home.
  3. Affordable pricing. Businesses that hire on-site employees may find themselves on the hook for extra costs like insurance, not to mention additional hassle in the form of tax deductions from employee wages. But virtual assistants are generally self-employed, which means you’ll only have to pay a salary, as agreed to by you and the contractor you hire for the job.
  4. Hire for work as needed. There’s no need to hire a full-time employee when you work from home since you probably only need clerical help on a part-time basis or intermittently. You can advertise for whatever type of arrangement suits you when you hire a virtual assistant.
  5. Focus on what’s important. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in paperwork when you manage your own home-based business. But when you hire a virtual assistant from an organization like ME, you can focus on the important aspects of running your business, like growing your client list and keeping customers satisfied, knowing that less important (but still essential) tasks are still getting done.


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